Paint Colours & Choices

Whilst I write this, I am in the middle of painting some rooms in our own house and as crazy as it may seem, I have gone all colours including a very very VERY dark blue!

Cowshed being an old villa with beautiful window light, but tall ceilings and a wrap around verandah, it can easily cause the natural light to get lost and rooms to seem darker than they are. It then meant it was a natural choice to go for light paint choices.

I get questions daily about what colour white we went with, what colours throughout the interior and exterior…so a lovely IG follower suggested a post on what we did - so hear we finally have it…

All the following are Resene paint colours.


Exterior main colour: Double White Pointer

Exterior trimming colours: Just a white trim paint in gloss

Decking Stain: Pitch Black Woodsman Wood Oil Stain

Bedroom with panelling: Alabaster

Master Bed & Queen Bedroom: White Pointer

Hallway, Kitchen, Dining, Living Room: Alabaster

Laundry: White Pointer

Toilet: Wallpaper (comment below if you want to know where it was from and I can find out!)

Bathroom: Alabaster on the top half of the walls and Pale Slate on the panelling

Non Resene Related

Interior White Floors (laundry & toilet): Solagard Acrylic Paving Paint in White

Kitchen Drawers: Dezignatek Thermoform in Dezigna White Texture

Kitchen & Laundry Bench Top: Caesarstone in Statuario Maximus

White Blinds: in Thermal Blockout Fabric (colour: white)

Curtains in Living and Dining Area: Ezibuy linen curtains

Shutters in Bedrooms and Bathroom: Luxaflex via Carpet Court

I hope this has helped with colour selection. Most of the questions I get is about the white that we put on the walls as people seem to struggle with finding a white that doesn’t look yellow in some lights….unless the sunrise or sunset is shining on our white walls, the walls NEVER look yellow! They are as white as they come…
Also people worry that it is going to make the rooms cold, but once the rooms are dressed up with rugs, curtains and all your belongings, it warms it up and again, it has never felt cold or plain! I am a big fan of the ole Alabaster!

Another alternative to Alabaster is Resene’s Sea Fog; this one is slightly more grey toned but so beautiful and soft! I have painted to interior of a caravan in this and it again has never felt yellow!

Let me know if you have any questions below and I will promise to get back to them. PLUS I will get better at my blogging game and more information and posts coming soon…

G x

Georgina Skinner