Lets Go On Holiday She Said...

My parents were over from England for a couple of months (their annual get-away-from-winter holibobs) and little did they know that their jet lag was going to be combatted by some serious painting! We had an entire house that needed to be re-painted and although we had plans to have a professional painting team come in to do some of it, we also though we would be able to do the majority of it. Oh how wrong were we??

The ceilings are tall (understatement). This lead to ladder wobbles and the odd case of vertigo *sorry mum*…Each bedroom had a wallpaper strip about 2/3rds of the way up the wall which acted as the start of a colour change. Now this is something I need to mention…The colours…OH the colours! There was a lime green room, a red room and a dark blue room! This made the task of covering the walls in Resene’s Half White Pointer (white/grey) very tricky and time consuming. The layers of paint we had to use was not on the small side!

Here are some of the during paint phase images of the bedrooms, kitchen and hallway.

Needless to say, the professional painters came in and sprayed the hallway and the whole of the living/dining/kitchen within 1-2days! Gutting!

Georgina Skinner